King Membrane Energy Technology Inc. was founded in June, 2007. Our company is cooperating with the world-class Research and Development Center for Membrane Technology , to devote ourselves in the development of novel and practical applications of Membrane Technology.

With specialized know-how and extensive experience in Membrane Technology, we are capable of providing customized Pervaporation Systems and Membrane Distillation Systems for use in industries. Building on great enthusiasm and expertise, our team can rapidly design and develop the systems ideally suited to your specific needs.
We aim to develop the applications of our systems in:
  1. Green Energy: Replacing traditional energy-using distillation with advanced energy-saving Membrane Technology, to produce Absolute Bioethanol and to Purify Recycled Solvent.
  2. Water Treatment: With advanced Membrane Distillation Technology to perform the process of Seawater Desalination and Wastewater Treatment.
Closely adhering to the goals, we endeavor developing the systems which are work with a relatively low energy use, safe and well-arranged process conditions. From pilot schemes to larger scale system needs, we all work closely with our customers to provide them with most advanced, reliable and cost-effective solutions.